How the mo’ won an empire

November 23, 2007 at 4:32 pm (November: Movember)


“The British Empire was the greatest and most diverse the world has ever seen.

At its height, it was seven times the size of the Roman Empire, its Navy ruled the oceans and a quarter of the earth was painted red on the map.

Military victories, trade expansion and a talent for bureaucracy all played a part – but so did the humble moustache.”

From Daily Mail

Look at the pictures in the link above to notice an indisputable fact: The size and influence of the British Empire has reduced in accordance with the mo’ size of it’s leaders.

Now, is the shrinking mo’ a result of the reduction in imperial power…the leaders no longer feeling manly enough to sport the mo’ of the past?

Or did the shrinking mo’ CAUSE the size of the British Empire to decrease, with the lowered amount of mo’ power leaving it vulnerble???


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