Late start…

November 16, 2007 at 12:18 pm (November: Movember)

This is a ridiculous time to start a blog based on monthly projects, but it must be done now.

This month:

Movember (the month formally known as November) is a charity event held every year, to raise money for The Prostate Charity. What this involves is simple; the brave men involved each grow and groom a mo’ (a moustache), and get sponsored by as many people as possible.

Myself and my flatmates at Hotel Tango (Hotel Tango is where I live), have joined the Republic of Movember. What this essentially boils down to is, we will be growing a mo’ in the best way possible throughout this month. Which for Warren is very slowly, but the other guys are doing alright.

We will regularly update you on the progress we make and the hilarious experiences we enjoy as a result of our mo’ growing. Will Max resemble Tom Selleck after a month? Will Dave look like a porn star? Will Warren look any different at all?? We have rather ambitiously set our sights on raising £1,000 before the end of the month.

My flatmate Max used his photoshop skills to create an impression of how three of the four Hotel Tango residents – Warren, Max, and Dave – may look (the fourth, Simon, I will ask to join us soon):

How we might look at the end of the month

Please follow the link below to make a donation online. Our target is to raise £1,000 by November 30th. This is difficult, but ultimately doable. Even if you are extremely tight, just think what amount you would pay to have us all looking like twats for a whole month. Come on, that’s worth a few quid. And then added to that, remember that your contribution could SAVE LIVES. What cost a human life? When you have thought of all this, please make a donation of a quid or two, or more, if you are super cool.

Here is the link:



Warning, guilt trip ahead:

* Prostate cancer is now the most common cancer diagnosed in men in the U.K. with at least one man dying every hour from the disease.
* Every year about 35,000 men in the U.K. are diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 10,000 men die from the disease.
* One man in 11 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime in the U.K.


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